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Logo Design | Distinguish Yourself From The Crowd | Be Memorable!
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Logo Design

Emblems . Monograms . Logotypes . Marks

Distinguish yourself from the crowd

A great logo design is the visual foundation block that embeds trust and confidence in your brand. I’ll help you distil the attributes you want to be known for into a memorable design that’s simple, scalable, and adaptable across different mediums.

Logo Design Brain Dump

Prepare to download

A detailed brain dump from you!

Your input is key to the success of any new logo design I produce. Before I start work, we'll talk and get to the bottom of what you are looking for. Expect me to extract a detailed brain dump from you.

Mascot Logo Design


Use an immediately identifiable character such as a person or creature. Think of a friendly illustrated ambassador for your brand.

Logo Mark Design

Abstract Mark

Create something truly unique with an abstract symbol to represent your business. Think Pepsi or Addidas.

Emblem Logo Design


Establish a sense of tradition and provenance with an emblem. Think badges, seals, and crests. Emblems are often used by schools, organizations, or government agencies.

Monogram Logo Design


Incorporate the initials of your business name to form a memorable symbol or mark. Monograms are commonly used to abbreviate longer company names.

Logotype Design


Keep your logo clean and simple by defining it with a bespoke typeface unique to your brand. Commonly referred to as Wordmarks.

Combination Mark Logo Design

Combination Mark

Use a logo that combines text and graphical mark. This could be a pictorial mark, abstract mark, or mascot.

Design Hat

Try before you buy

Does the hat fit?

Sometimes you need to try something on before you know how it fits. Based on your input, I'll mockup several low-fidelity conceptual logo designs for comparison so you can explore potential presentation directions.

Logo design Packages

I've put together three simple logo design packages that help you lay the foundation of your brand identity.

Starter Logo design



Design Features
x2 Design Concepts
x1 Design Iteration
Vector Design
x1 Orientation
Business Logo design



Design Features
x3 Design Concepts
x2 Design Iterations
Contextual Presentation
Vector Design
x1 Orientation
Professional Logo design



Design Features
x3 Design Concepts
x3 Design Iterations
Contextual Presentation
Vector Design
x2 Orientations
Social Media
25% Off

25% discount!

For non-profits needing logo design

I fundamentally believe in supporting people who want to make a positive difference in the world. To get the discount you must be a legally registered UK not-for-profit organisation, charity, association or foundation.

Dropdeaddesign have been working with us for several years to develop a strong and consistent brand across multiple products and services.

David Standingford

Leo is one of the very few freelance designers we trust here at Nomensa.com. He has a broad range of skills that have proved invaluable on a number of projects.

Simon Norris

Dropdeaddesign came highly recommended and with good reason. From start to finish their operation was both highly professional and entirely tailored to our idiosyncrasies!

Colin Levy

Leo has played a key role in growing my business. Over 6000 leads from our website in the last 5 years! My only problem is managing the work load.

Alistair Smith

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