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User Experience Design

Create rewarding experiences worth celebrating

It's not rocket science

Great experiences create memories and stories we want to share with others - effortlessly promoting value and belief in your brand.
Content strategy

I'll help you create strategic compelling content to deliver a voice and personality your audience will connect with.

Design consistency

I'll help you deploy consistent patterns of design that drive efficiency, reduce cognitive load and improve customer satisfaction.

Experience-led culture

I'll help you embed an experience-led culture that touches every aspect of your activity, for long-term success.

FREE Heuristic evaluation

Your website or app under the microscope

I will analyse and evaluate your current digital estate using 10 key heuristics to establish design and performance shortfalls. This simple micro-audit can reveal undiscovered areas of opportunity to be exploited by your company.

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UX Audits

Evaluating your existing digital estate to create design opportunities.
Analytics Audit
Analytics audit

An evaluation of your website or apps analytics data. Using a range of key metrics to reveal unexpected behaviours that aren’t explicit in user tests.

Heuristic Audit
Heuristic audit

A contextual usability assessment of your website or apps compliance with established heuristics or 'rules of thumb', known to improve performance.

Content Audit
Content audit

A qualitative evaluation of your website or apps content to ensure that its readable, understandable, findable, actionable and shareable.

Competitor Audit
Competitor audit

An assessment of your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses within your market space. Insights will help determine strategies to create competitive advantage.

Understand where you are

Evaluating your current position is the crucial first step before taking any measurable design actions.
  • Get a detailed report in a digestable format all stakeholders can understand.
  • Get insights with actionable recommendations you and your team can implement.
  • I can deliver focussed auditing on areas you believe need extra attention.

UX Research

Understanding the needs and motivations of your audience through observation, analysis and feedback to make informed design decisions.
Persona Development
Persona development

Persona development through in-depth interviews and observational data gathered from real users - in precise contextual scenarios.

Survey Creation
Survey creation

Quickly gather information from large amounts of users and gain broad insights into existing customers using your digital systems.

Tree Testing
Tree testing

Assess the findability of key content within the hierarchy of your website or app through a group of test participants.

Eye Tracking
Eye tracking

Measure the location and duration of a user’s gaze on your website or app stimuli to identify usability issues.

Customer Journey Mapping
Customer journey mapping

Develop the story of your customer’s experience within a specific journey and its key interactions and engagement points.

Experience Mapping
Experience mapping

Develop the entire experience between a customer and your brand throughout their lifecycle of interactions, in both your physical and digital domains.


Quantify the impact of UX research through benchmarking. A baseline for understanding how testing and qualitative insight will impact your company KPI's.

Use Cases
Use cases

Create a list of steps defining the interactions between a user and a system, to achieve a particular goal. Defines how a website or app should respond to a user request.

Usability Testing
Usability testing

Create realistic and actionable task scenarios, then observe and collect qualitative feedback on how people use your website or app.

Embrace a research-led culture

Put people and testing at the center of your process to deliver impactful design.
  • I'll show you how basic research can impact a single negative touch point with measurable results.
  • I'll help you embed an iterative user centered design culture - one step at a time.
  • Start with lower fidelity methodologies and ramp up to higher methods as you see impact.

Information Architecture

The classification, structure and hierarchy of shared information within your digital estate.
Taxonomy Structuring
Taxonomy structuring

Determine the most effective way to categorise and group your information to support both the user goals and business objectives.

Labeling Conventions
Labeling conventions

Label and name key areas of content (Pages, titles, slugs etc) using consistent conventions that make it discoverable and findable.

Card Sorting
Card sorting

Use open and/or closed card sorting methods to understand users 'mental models' for grouping and organising your information.

Site mapping

Outline your website or apps page structure and hierarchy through a visual diagram. Derived from insights gained from other methodologies.


Develop low fidelity visual page layouts that demonstrate hierarchy, connection and persistent forms of informational presentation.


Ensure there are sufficient contextual cues for a user to determine their current position and reach their intended goal within your digital system.

Develop a solid foundation

Information architecture is the skeleton that your company's digital estate sits upon, providing structure and definition to your data.
  • I'll help you structure your data in a meaningful way for your target audience.
  • I'll ensure your information is always findable and actionable by users.
  • I'll show you reusable strategies for long-term success.

UX Prototyping

Visualising and testing the design experience using a low-fidelity model.
Interactive Prototyping
Interactive prototyping

Develop a mid-high level prototype with interactions that delivers a "real world" experience to your key stakeholders and test participants.

Analogue Prototype
Analogue prototyping

Sketch the visual elements of a prototype to emulate the key design principles and allow rapid evaluation by your internal stakeholders.

Visual - User flows
Visual - User flows

Create a diagram that visually demonstrates a mockup of the essential actions taken by a user to accomplish a particular task within your digital system.

Shorthand - User flows
Shorthand - User flows

Communicate the essential actions taken by a user to accomplish a particular task using 'shorthand' (words) to allow rapid evaluation by your internal stakeholders.

Iterate and refine your design

Refining your design through iterative prototyping is cheaper and more resource efficient.
  • I'll design and test your prototype with real users before you commit to lengthy and expensive builds.
  • I'll help you gather clear evidence that validates the design performance to get stakeholder buy-in.
  • I use an iterative, cyclical design process that helps deliver maximum value to your end users.

Statistics you can't ignore

Investment in UX Design has increased ten-fold in the last 5 years.

75% of users admit to making judgements about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.


A well-conceived, frictionless UX design could potentially raise customer conversion rates up to 400%


88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a poor user experience.


90% percent of users reported they stopped using an app due to poor performance.

Sources: Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab | Forrester Research | AppDynamics | Google Labs

Measurable results

Through research and evidence

I employ an evidential methodology when approaching digital design. Using a range of qualitative data gathering techniques that inform my decisions, I'll deliver measurable results for your company.

User experience design is no longer considered a competitive advantage but an essential tool in the delivery of a successful design.

Embracing UX principles will simply uplift your bottom line.

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